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We absolutely love receiving honest feedback about our Monochrome Sensory Decals so customer reviews are super important to us. We asked a group of mums to test out a Decal pack of their choice and we are blown away by the results. 

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Hannah Hutchings

"Well what can we say about the Block Sensory decals except that we absolutely LOVE them!?


We heavily rely on black and white sensory items for my youngest son Reuben due to him being born partially sighted, so although he is above the 0-6month age bracket that high contrast black and white items are most recommended for, this type of visual stimulation is still hugely beneficial to him at 11 months old and the Block Sensory decals are absolutely perfect for providing the same.


One of Reuben's eye conditions means that his eyes constantly wobble instead of staying still. This means he finds it hard to focus as he always has double vision. Reuben loves practicing his focus skills on the different decals placed around his room and takes his time to study each one individually. 


We chose the animal decals so that we can start teaching Reuben about different animals and his face lights up when we talk to him about the animals on the decals. They are also a big hit with our eldest son who loves to name animals and make the various sounds. 


One of the best features of the decals is that they stick to whatever you want them (even in the bath!!) to and can be repositioned without leaving any sign of them ever being there. This is particularly great if you have a little terror that likes to try and rip things off of surfaces and destroy them like we do. Neither of our boys are able to pull the Block Sensory decals off no matter how hard they try as they sit flush against the surface and have a really strong stick - HALLELUJAH! Despite the strong stick, they are very easy for adults to remove and place somewhere else when desired. Rest assured though, we've moved them a LOT and they are still as sticky as the first use.


We also like that they come in two different shapes - circles and squares - to add an extra aspect of interest to them. They do appear to be small in size when unpackaging the decals, however they are actually spot on in terms of fitting them all together at the correct distance from baby. 


We are super impressed with the Block Sensory decals and will definitely recommend them to all parents to be/parents to young babies. Safe to say, they've become our go to newborn gifting

option too."

Lauren Reed

"When we received our Block Sensory stickers, the first thing I noticed was that the little envelope they come in can be reused with the clever fastening. This is especially handy when gathering Hollies toys together for playtime, ensuring we don't lose any of the stickers.
Secondly, the stickers are the perfect size for little eyes to focus on and blend in well with any decor. The fact that they can be peeled and stuck down to different surfaces whilst remaining sticky is a great concept, we've tested them out in many places such as the wall, the cot and even the fabric on Hollies swing!

I prefer to keep the stickers on the wall next to the changing unit as they are a great distraction when changing a grizzly babies nappy! The second Hollie sets her eyes on the mesmerising animals you can see a little trigger go off in her mind where she is instantly stimulatied by them. Her little arms flap about trying to reach out to them, while she smiles and babbles at the contrasting colours.

I've always found it hard knowing what 'toys' to buy for much younger babies but I would definitely recommend these to others who are also stuck for ideas. They would also make the perfect gift for new or expectant parents!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to test these brilliant stickers out, I will definitely be buying another set soon!"

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BS tester shots (1).jpg

Samantha Hope

"When Boden was a newborn, aside from sleeping and feeding, he spent a fair amount of time having his nappy changed. I stuck the block sensory stickers on the wall next to his changing mat, and over time, he began to focus on them, and reach out to them. As he grew, and started to wriggle around a bit more (and changing nappies started getting a little harder) I repositioned the stickers to the underside of the shelf above his changing unit, and they helped to keep his attention so he would lie still for a little longer. 


We’ve used them on the wall next to his cot, the window in the lounge next to his play area, and currently they are on the tiles next to the bath. 


Joshua, our eldest, is fantastic at pointing out the different animals on the stickers and telling Boden all about them, when they have a bath together. 


These are great value, effective, and best of all, can be repositioned lots of times as baby grows and starts to use spaces differently."

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