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The ideas behind Block Sensory...

When I became a mum to my baby boy Izaak, I wanted to find ways that I could best support his development.

And as we learn as part of our parenting journey, a baby’s sight develops as they grow, with newborns only able to see about ten inches in front of them. They’re also only able to see black, white and grey at this point and it’s not until they reach five months that they’ll see a spectrum of colour.

With this in mind and having read studies about black and white patterns visually stimulating a baby’s brain development, I was keen to find black and white items that would help my little one. At this point, however, Izaak was still too young to hold things, and I was struggling to find anything that didn’t require little fingers for interaction.

It then got me thinking about stickers, mainly wall stickers at the time!

I realised that wall stickers could go near my little one’s changing mat or on a wall in his playroom and would be something that he would easily be able to interact with as we went about day-to-day life.

Fast forward a year, and after many prototypes and trial and error, I’ve developed patterned black and white wall stickers to support young baby's development which can go hand-in-hand with other sensory activities. The best bit is that they can be reused if you want to move them.As parents, we want what’s best for our little ones and I believe my stickers can play a small but vital role in helping your baby’s development get off to a positive start.

I hope your baby enjoys them as much as Izaak continues to!



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