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Capturing Happy Baby Moments - Finger and Thumbs.

From one mum to another, congratulations on becoming a Mum.

Being a mum is the hardest but most rewarding thing you have ever done – trust me I have three little monkeys.

Your life has changed overnight forever and the most incredible thing that I found is that someone somewhere just flicked a magic fast forward switch on your life! Children grow up so, so fast. It seems like such a long time in the future but before you know it, they will be starting school! My eldest is 10 years old now and only has one more year before High school (that blows my mind)!

I set up Finger and Thumbs to help me and mums like you and me to capture precious moments as your little ones grow. It is my job to make you beautiful, quality keepsakes that help you to remember how your little ones are right now. I have been told by customers that their pieces are like a channel for them into their memories and that not only can they see what their little ones were like but can remember things they were doing and other happy memories too.

As Finger and Thumbs, I specialize in making you bespoke, high-quality keepsakes. My ranges include fine silver handprint jewellery, 3D hand casts, and ceramic imprints.

For Finger and Thumbs fine silver imprint range, I use 99.9% hallmarked pure silver. You can have your beautiful little one’s hand or footprint imprinted into your fine silver charm. Or as they get a little older, I can imprint a precious drawing they have done or even their name in their own handwriting. For the hand and footprint charms I will send you an easy to use ‘magic’ inkless handprint kit. For the drawing and writing charms and pendants all I need is a clear photograph of their masterpieces to work from.

For Finger and Thumbs 3D handcast range and ceramic imprints you need an appointment at my studio in Cheshire where I will personally take the casts and imprints.

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